Pleaser 7″ Black Matte Faux Leather Lace Up Ankle Boots


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Pleaser’s 7″ Lace Up Ankle Mid/Calf Boot in Matt Faux Leather with Full Inner Side Zip and 2 and 3/4″Platform. Super Comfortable with Cushioning and easy to put on and off with Side Zip. This Style is made from Size 6 up to Size 12 and also is available in Real Leather and Patent which is the shiny look. This is a best seller in store at Siren Doll because it is super comfortable.

The Lace up ability allows you to make the fit as tight or as loose as you like. Especially as the fabric stretches with wearing you can tighten it further if you like the tight feel as it gives you a secure feel.

Another bonus is that you can wear socks which is recommended as the enclosed foot will sweat. The socks create extra padding for comfort. You can choose the thickness of sock that feels best depending on the feel that you prefer.

This Matt Style has been popular because the Matt look makes this boot more versatile. This look can be worn on a variety of occasions with many different looks. Great for the dressed up look or for the every day look. Such as wearing it with leggings or jeans and a casual top.
The reason also for this styles popularity is that it looks great with a sexy little black bra set or a mini skirt and top or a bodysuit look. Thigh Hi’s stockings, either a sheer look with a lace or plain band top or a fishnet, diamond net or fence net all look great with this style of boot as well as tights and leggings.

The 7″ has been the most popular height as it is higher than the 6″ which has been popular with taller people. The 7″ is in the middle ranges of height. It is lower than the 8″ and 9″ that is also available in this size. Although the 9″ version only is made up to a size 9 by Pleaser at this present point in time.

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