Lingerie Dictionary

1/2 Cup Bra
(AKA Demi Cup) Half the height of a full cup. It just covers the nipple area leaving a plunging neckline viewable!

1/4 Cup bra
The bra cup is 1/4 the height of a full cup. The 1/4 cup sits just under the breasts, lifting it up and exposing the nipple.

Adjustable Shoulder Straps
Usually refers to bra straps, each strap has a slip buckle for adjusting the length.

Animal Print
Fabric printed with an animal skin pattern (e.g leopard).

Arm Warmers
Gauntlets that sit just above the elbow.

Usually made from a sheer fabric, a Babydoll is cut to form to fit around the chest, the fabric gradually circling out to sit just below the bum.

A noticeable seam running up the back of both legs, if full hose continuing to the top. The backseam tends to be opaque against a sheer leg or adorned with little bows along the seam. Once the only way hosiery was made, the backseam gives hosiery a classic look.

Siren Doll’s bikini sets don’t have the typical bikini bottoms, instead they are G-Strings. (unless stated under the product description)

Metal or plastic sewn into the bodice vertically for support and shaping.

Term used when there is no cup covering the breasts. Some boobout items have covered underwire to support the breast but the entire boob is still exposed.

Boobout Crotchless Teddy
A teddy where the breasts are exposed and the crotch is open.

Boy Shorts
Short waisted, short straight shorts that cut off just under the bum.

Bra Cup
The fabric/design/material that makes the ‘cup’ shape that covers the breast(s).

Undies or bottoms that cover both bottom cheeks.

A garment that is often strapless, worn around the breast and back for shape and support as an undergarment. Quite often today it is also worn out on its own.

Sometimes refered to as a cami, it is a soft cup short under tee.

Candy Pitch
A spiel to sell boxed candy in Burlesque and under canvas shows

Charmeuse is a beautiful, glossy, light weight fabric.

A short slip dress, Wear it under your dress or slip it on by itself for a little fun.

A band worn high around the neck as decoration.

Form fitting piece that wraps around waist and ribs tending to lace up at the front and/or back for tightening.

Beautifully embroidered cloth fastener, one side shaped as a loop and the other side shaped into a knot that hooks into the loop for fastening.

Clipfront Bikini Top
The common bikini neck and back ties with a clip between the bra cups for easier removal and closure.

Clipside G-String
A g-string with a snap together clip at the front of each hip.

Cobweb Lace
A stretch lace with a cobweb pattern to it.

Straight edge top and bottom bodice piece which tends to have boning in it to give support and shape to the body with a front and back lacing closure (or a combination with a hook and eye closure).

Crotchless G-String
A g-string with and open crotch area. The fabric is split open where you normally see a seam.

A one piece skirt and bodice.

Small, diamond-like decorative ornament.

Strands of rubber woven together usually to make bands which can be stretched repeatedly and continue to return to its original size. Often used to line edges of underwear, hold up stockings etc.

A top-stitch decoration (abstract or figurative) on a fabric.

We all know what a fishnet is. When referred to as simply that, the gate in the net (the size of the hole) will be the typical small size.

Flared Sleeves
The perfectly designed Siren Doll flare gives that beautiful abundance of folded fabric look without getting in the way when you want to use your hands.

Often used to hold stockings or thigh highs up around the top of the leg… or to keep your money close to your side at all times.

An above the elbow, long fingerless glove. From the wrist it has fabric running across the top of the hand, connecting to a loop for your ring or middle finger to slip through.

Fabric covering the fingers and hand ending at the wrist or other varying lengths up the arm.

Halter Neck
A top/dress/etc where the garment wraps behind the neck for support or closure.

Hook And Eye Closure
A closure with one side (the hook) attaching onto the loop, (the eye) of the other side, bringing the two sides together.

Hipster Shorts
Snug fitting short shorts that are cut to sit just at the hips.

Hot Pants
Tight fitting shorts that leave a bit of your cheek sneaking out the back for a peek.

(see entry for briefs)

Lace Trim
A lace banding around the edges of the garment.

Large Diamond Fishnet
The gate (the hole in the fishnet) is large tending to leave more of the leg exposed.

Long Dress/Gown/Wrap
A full length dress etc. measuring to the ankles.

Louie Heel
The end of the shoe heel flares out to a small cone shape that is larger than the typical pointed stiletto heel.

A great stretchy synthetic fabric that is considerably more versatile than one might think.

Maribou Feather
Soft short, condensed fluffy feather.

A synthetic fiber that can be woven into textiles with the texture and drape of a natural fiber, but with enhanced washability, breathability, and water repellancy.

Mini G-String
A miniture g-string, sitting very low at the front and back

Notch Buckle
A fastener, similar to a belt buckle, that has a tab with a swinging prong in the middle that allows a strap with spaced out holes in it to be pushed through, the prong then poked through the desired hole for the correct fit and then slipped through the back side of the tab.

It is the weave of the fabric makes it so it is not totally see-through like a sheer fabric.

Open Crotch
The fabric is split open where you normally see a seam.

Ostrich Feather
Soft tall and thin, but full and light in appearance.

Full hose. The brief and legs are all in one. There are many different styles available (e.g – full hose with g-string back).

A bra cup with fabric overlapping at the nipple, which can peek open to expose the nipple.

Peasant Top
A top with either short or long sleeves tending to be gathered around the chest and shoulders to give a full look to the top.

Traditionally an under-skirt, but can also look great on its own. Worn short to hide under outer skirt, or a little bit longer so it peeks out just below the outer skirt line.

When refering to a stiletto the platform is the front sole hieght. Siren Doll stocks 2 inch Universal platforms or the 1/2 inch Elegant.

Push Up Bra
A bra that pulls the breast in and lifts them up for that extra vavoom.

A shiny, flexible, durable vinyl or plastic material.

Removable Bra Pads
These are inserts that slip into the side of the bra cups for added padding or cleavage.

Removable Suspender Ends
Suspender ends that can be detached from the garment being worn.

Rhumba Shorts
In between the hipster shorts and the hot pants, rhumba shorts sit low on the hips and still expose a bit of bit of your cheeks.

Rippled Trim
On cobweb hipsters, a special edging on the cobweb lace that slightly curls the trim without making it bulky.

Sheer Mesh
A light, see-through fabric.

A fabric that when placed over the body is see-through.

Short Wrap
Mid length, almost covering your bum. When your arm is hanging down, the point where your wrist hits your side is where the bottom of the wrap is expected to fall to.

Short Tie Top
A crop top that ties at the front.

Slip Buckle
This buckle has a normal tab but without the prong in the middle, meaning no holes on the strap! On the back of the tab there is a slightly teethed tab that lifts up as you feed the strap through and when released.

Stay Ups
A stocking that is designed to stay up on the leg without suspenders.

A shoe or boot with a tall heel that from the foot down to the tiny tip resembles a dagger

Hosiery that is to be held up on the legs by suspenders.

Suspender Ends
Elastic bands with ends consisting of a rubber stud to grasp the stocking top which then pushes through a hole and slides down to lock into position.

Suspender Belts
Form fitting waist belts tending to have hook and eye closures. Attached to the belt are suspender ends used to hold stockings up.

A sleeveless one piece similar to a bodysuit or one piece bathing suit, tending to have a g-string back but there are countless variations.

Thigh High
Stockings! thigh highs are ‘thigh high’ stockings.

A bra and cinch in one!

Triangle Back G-String
a g-string that has an upside down triangle of fabric on the back side.

Turkey Feather
Soft tall and wide, a thick and heavy in appearance feather

Underwire Cups
A ‘U’ shaped metal wire enclosed in a garment under the breast to give shape and support.

Mini nylon hooks and loops system that creates a reliable fastener.

Soft to the touch textured fabric.

Wrist Cuffs
Sequin or lace bands worn on the wrist.

Y Back G-String
A g-string that has fabric following from the front of the hips around to the back side, forming a Y across the bum and in between the cheeks.

Zip Front Closure
An item that consists of a zipper letting you in and out of it!