Siren Doll Loyalty Card

Collect 5 Notches


Siren Doll Loyalty Card

The Best Loyalty Card Ever

50% off everything offer when you collect 5 notches

How do you get the card and the correct notches ?

・You only need to spend $30 to receive the card and one notch per day at the retail shop. (one notch per shipment over $30 purchased on the online shop)

Does it have an expiry date ?

・No expiry date so it does not matter how long it takes you to get 5 notches.

Where can I redeemed it ?

・To be redeemed in richmond store only. Not online.

If the item is not available at the shop can I still get 50% off of the item ?

・If we do not have the style you want in store we will order it through Pleaser or make Siren Doll brand items for you as long as you pay for everything in store when you use your 50% off.